The Birkman Method & personality - how it works

How well do you know yourself?

Gaining a deeper understanding of your strengths, motivational interests, and deeply-rooted perspectives can help you excel in your career and in your professional and personal relationships. The Birkman Method is a scientifically reliable personality and perception assessment that helps individuals and teams achieve greater success.

 The Birkman Signature Suite allows you to harness the power of self-awareness. This is the most advanced package in that it provides you with over 40 reports full of data-rich insights to empower you to succeed. The Birkman Signature Suite uses nine behavior scales to measure and report your unique, individual scores that highlight your social, physical, and emotional expression preferences, decision-making and task execution profiles, motivational preferences, and your assertiveness and communication styles. This data can help you understand yourself on a deeper level, leading to performance enhancement, career mapping, and a feeling of satisfaction or fulfillment.

The Birkman Method outlines what’s referred to as your “organizational focus”, which is your fundamental approach to any work situation. Broken up into four categories known as occupational groups, each group is assigned a color. The four occupational groups represent specific personality types and provide a quick summary about the kinds of work activities that will have the greatest and the least appeal to you. This is demonstrated clearly in a graph, making it easy to interpret.

Most people will have some degree of all the colors, which means that everyone has some capability in each category. However, you will likely see one or two groups are longer than the others. If your Birkman Method report shows that your longest color bar is blue, for example, this means that your strongest natural job aptitude is related to design, strategy, and creative planning. People who have a mostly blue organizational focus are future-oriented, innovative thinkers and work well when they can use their creativity to make long-term plans and solve problems.

The Birkman Map is a visual representation of the key data points from the Birkman Method personality assessment and behavior profile. In an easy-to-read colorful map, it enables immediate self-awareness and insight into your personality. This Birkman Map has four color quadrants which correspond with the organizational focus groups, representing specific personality types. The map is a visual summary of your interests, what you “need” or expect from others, what behaviors people see from you, and what your stress behaviors are.  For example, if you’re “red” then you are action-oriented and need direct and logical communication, whereas if you’re “green”, you are people-focused, but can be argumentative and domineering when stressed.

This Birkman Map also examines two other dimensions of personality. The left and right side of the map represents an affinity for dealing with people versus tasks. The top and bottom of the map represents whether you’re more introverted or extroverted.

To learn more about how the Birkman Method can help you get to know yourself a bit better, check out this YouTube video.