Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning 

At The Angel Advisors we understand that strategic planning is more than just talking about the future. Strategic planning is a specific action plan designed for your company to ensure long term, sustainable success.

But, turning your organization’s strategic plan into reality is a challenging task; whether we work one-on-one or with your entire team, The Angel Advisors help large and small businesses to translate those big pictures dreams into specific plans. Our work is completely customized to your specific needs and situation.

How it Works

The full strategic planning process involves a total of 5 full-day sessions for the entire year; The first two sessions are back to back and the remaining three sessions are held every quarter. The time can be spent one-on-one in person or over the phone.

During the first session, a written plan that outlines the organization’s goals is created. This plan contains the company’s mission, vision, values, SWOT analysis and each step of the plan. After the conclusion of each meeting, you will get immediate action plans to start testing or implementing at your company.

Keys to Success

  • Leadership commitment to the strategic plan

  • Goals and objectives that are completely aligned with the overall business objectives of the organization

  • Clear and concise strategy that includes value proposition and market differentiation

  • Establish realistic timelines for implementing tasks

  • Assign “ownership” to the right individual(s) to carry out assigned actions and decisions

  • Hold project “owners” accountable for their actions and decisions

Are you ready to schedule your first strategic planning session or a phone call to discuss options?