The Birkman Method®

With more than 65 years of proven reliability and validity, The Birkman Method® is the only personality assessment that analyzes behavioral and occupational data from one questionnaire and gauges the underlying needs that a person needs to perform at their best.

We are Birkman Certified Professionals (BCP) who have helped many organizations resolve internal conflicts, select the best talent and develop their people.

The Birkman Method®: Overview

The Birkman Method®’s instrument of assessment is through a questionnaire comprised of 298 questions that combines questions about an individual’s behavior and interests. It integrates questions about the concept of self and career interests and motivational factors that would otherwise be asked in several instruments.

The Birkman Method® was created using normal working populations of people in a business or industrial setting. The questionnaire itself underwent seven revisions throughout its creation process. Every revision was administered to more than 1,000 subjects from new population groups each time. Thus, the Birkman Method®’s test-retest reliabilities average .78, an indication of an internal consistency of scales.

The Birkman Method® has a database of over 2 million responses, which enables it to examine careers that are fit for a large number of occupations.

The Birkman Method® questionnaire and resulting reports are administered and accessed over the Internet through its very own online system, BirkmanDirect. This assures the respondents that all Birkman questionnaires and resulting reports are secured and treated as confidential.

The Birkman Method®: Assessment

Have you/ your company experienced any of the challenges below?…It’s about time to use a Birkman assessment in your workplace.

  • Reducing turnover

  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses of a person/team

  • Maximizing performance of a person/team

  • Motivating people/teams

  • Communicating with your team/peers

  • Managing a person/team

  • Coaching and developing a person/team

  • Identifying the best people for leadership positions

  • Identifying the best people for promotion

  • Identifying the culture of your organization

  • Identifying the best career path for success

How Your Organization Can Use The Birkman Method

Leadership Development Birkman Method


Team Building Birkman Method


Talent Selection Birkman Method


Sales & Negotiation Birkman Method