The Birkman Method and how it helps with Leadership Development

Whether you’re looking to step into a leadership role or continue to grow and develop your leadership style, the Birkman Method can help. The Birkman Method is a reliable, science-driven methodology that can help leaders achieve greater success in the workplace through insight into their occupational orientations, motivational interests, perspectives and leadership approaches. The Birkman Method is an assessment of perception and personality that can reveal information about yourself that you weren’t necessarily aware of and can help you identify your strengths.

The Birkman Method empowers leaders to become more effective and socially intelligent. Connecting with others and maintaining positive relationships with your team and across the organization is an essential part of leadership. If you’re a leader then you’re likely already aware that skills, ability, strategy, and industry knowledge aren’t always enough to empower and motivate teams to greatness. Exceptional leaders know to interact with intention. They develop a deep sense of self-awareness and are able to demonstrate a level of emotional intelligence in dynamic, complex environments to effectively lead their organizations.

You may not always be aware of how your leadership style can impact your employees.

The Birkman Method assessment provides leaders with in-depth reports that include actionable insight into their individual motivators, behaviors, and weaknesses. By identifying the gaps between how you’d like to be perceived and how you may actually be perceived by your employees, you’re able to better understand how to increase your effectiveness as a leader. The Birkman Method can help leaders tailor their leadership style to meet the fundamental expectations of employees and drive success throughout the business.

The Birkman Method also helps leaders develop a sense of self-awareness. By understanding how your mindset can affect your image, you’re able to improve your leadership skills and build stronger connections with employees. The Birkman Method can uncover how your perspectives influence your leadership style, your risk tolerance, and your strategic mindset.

If you’re a leader who is concerned with team dynamics, the Birkman Method can help you leverage the unique behavioral and competitive advantages that can take your team’s results to the next level. When you know your team members’ organizational focus, you can then help to make sure that they are a part of projects that will best serve them, and therefore the company. By allowing yourself and your employees to follow their natural professional orientations, you will notice a powerful and profound impact on not only your success as a team and as individuals, but also the overall physical and emotional well-being of everyone involved.

By understanding the strengths and organizational focus of the individuals on your team, you can also discover where there may be gaps and room for improvement. The Birkman Method can help you to identify these gaps within the organization, which will then allow you to help manage and mitigate risk, and identify training opportunities for current staff or room for new employees to fill the holes.

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