Different types of coaching

Different types of coaching

There are various types of business coaching which meet the wide range of necessities people have. Engaging a coach who is expert in their field can provide confidence, understands your specific needs and may be equipped with approaches and tools that may best serve you.

 Here are some of the common types of coaching you can explore:

Business Coaching:

Business coaching is conducted within the constraints placed on the individual or group to meet organizational goals. For example, a business coach can help an owner of a company to reflect and come up with the vision, mission and strategic direction for his or her business.

Career Coaching:

In this type of coaching, you will be focused on helping different categories of people to work through the issues that they face in their careers, then make decisions and take the needed actions to accomplish their career objectives.

Life coaching:

The personal/life coach helps individuals gain awareness of and clarify their own objectives and priorities, better understand their thoughts, feelings, and take appropriate actions to change their lives, accomplish their goals. Life coaches act as catalysts for their clients. No matter where they are stuck at, a life coach will hold your hand and guide you along the way until you reach your destination.

Performance Coaching:

 Performance coaching fills the gap in the ability to see blind spots, opportunities to improve skills, provide strategic planning for accomplishing goals and offer additional accountability as you stretch yourself beyond what you feel is possible.

Group Coaching:

Group coaches work with individuals in groups. Individuals learn from each other and the interactions that take place within the group setting. Group coaching combines the benefits of individual coaching with the resources of groups.

Relationship Coaching:

The relationship coach helps two or more people to form, change, or improve their interactions. The context can be work, personal, or other settings.

Succession Coaching:

 The succession coach helps assess potential candidates for senior management positions and set them for promotion to more senior roles.

Team Coaching:

One or more team coaches work with the leader and members of a team to establish their team mission, vision, strategy, and rules of engagement with one another.

As the Co-Founder and Principal of The Angel Advisors, Alan has devoted his career to helping executives—from Fortune 500 companies to startups—successfully assimilate into new roles, create powerful teams and develop cultures that attract and retain the best talent.

Combining more than 30 years of experience as a partner-level management consultant and executive coach and having more than 32 clients at a point in time, Alan recognizes that no two individuals have the same goals for personal fulfillment or professional growth. He focuses on understanding each client’s goals, determining how his or her business fits into the bigger picture – and then gives them the tools they need to achieve their entrepreneurial purpose.

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