The Birkman Method: Your Personality at Work

Workplace psychological profiles offer a view of yourself and how you perceive others. They help you identify your own personal strengths and tendencies as you relate to others in the workplace. Tools like the Birkman Method can help you recognize the areas where your personality may conflict with other personalities at work.

Coaching Using The Birkman Method Enhances Performance

In the Birkman method, when your needs are met, then positive and productive behavior develops. However, it is possible for conflicts to arise, because expectations of what interpersonal relationships should look like are often not met. Frustration reduces the performance of workers, due to demotivation or stress.

When you are a team leader, part of your role is to make it easier for different personality types to work together in ways that increase team performance and engagement.

In this regard, it is important to note that the Birkman Method is based on differences between personalities, specifically according to each person's preferences.

Doers: focus on results, accomplish tasks, and achieve goals.

Communicators: Have a strong desire to communicate and work with people.

Analyzers: love working with processes, details, and rules. They are usually comfortable with numbers and place a high priority on being fair.

Thinkers: these are the idea people. They love innovation, being creative and long term planning.

The BIRKMAN report provides insight into your interests, how you usually behave at work, how you need or expect to be treated by others, and how you act when you are under stress. The report also gives you additional information in Career areas that you may want to explore.

For over 65 years, The Birkman Method has been helping people and companies to:

  • Develop Leaders

  • Improve Teamwork

  • Explore Careers

  • Select Talent

  • Increase Sales and Productivity

Here at the Angel Advisors, we are Birkman Certified Professionals (BCP) who have helped many organizations resolve internal conflicts, select the best talent and develop their people. If you have any questions, please contact us here