VirtualBoard™, a 12 month peer to peer leadership program, offers senior level leaders and entrepreneurs a powerful year-long opportunity to grow and develop among peers. Over a twelve month period, the program includes coaching sessions, group workshops, and one-on-one meetings.

The main goal of this program is to develop a unique selling proposition (USP) that creates unique values for the organizations and provide senior leaders and entrepreneurs with all the tools required to have their companies ready to sell.

How it Works

  • Virtual Board™ leadership program meets in Atlanta, GA 6 times per year for a 5 hour session each time.

  • The maximum capacity for the Leadership Program is 12-15 seats.

  • No competitors are allowed.

  • A group of 4 vertical experts serve as the sponsors.

  • The total cost of the annual leadership program is $5,500.

Benefits of VirtualBoard™

  1. VirtualBoard™ embodies a uniquely constructive process. It enables CEOs to work more effectively ON their business by addressing the areas that are most important to the success of the enterprise.

  2. VirtualBoard™ meetings create a learning environment that cultivates trust, shared practices and team work.

  3. By helping owners view their business through the perspective of an investor, they address the critical matters that will increase the company’s value.

  4. VirtualBoard™ participants receive personal and professional feedback that help them enhance their leadership skills, strengthen professional relations, and develop greater visibility with key stakeholders.

  5. VirtualBoard™ generates REAL VALUE by capitalizing on the synergistic power of a board of directors–Your Board of Directors!