Business owners must carefully balance the time they spend working at their business with the time spent working ON their business. As a CEO, how can YOU best maximize YOUR time and focus upon the most significant issues?

VirtualBoard embodies a uniquely constructive process. It enables CEOs to work more effectively ON their business by addressing the areas that are most important to the success of the enterprise.

By helping owners view their business through the perspective of an investor, they address the critical matters that will increase the company’s value.

VirtualBoard generates REAL VALUE by capitalizing on the synergistic power of a board of directors–Your Board of Directors!

Are You Ready to TAKE ACTION to Boost the Value of YOUR Company?

Experience the dynamic power of VirtualBoard first-hand by attending our next meeting. For more information, please contact Alan Lowe, Board Chairman,

Here are FIVE WAYS that VirtualBoard ADDS VALUE for YOU and YOUR Company:

  1. Business-owners leverage each other’s diverse range of experience and knowledge.
  2. Professional sponsor-advisors share their invaluable expertise and insight to help boost your business.
  3. Targeted, actionable advice means practical solutions for your most pressing business challenges.
  4. Personal accountability that leads to greater performance and clarity to focus upon key issues.
  5. Bi-monthly, one-on-one executive coaching sessions that assure owners make the best possible decisions which result in the improved value and efficiency of their business.

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