Learning from the Board of Directors model

One of the most striking differences between a typical entrepreneurial business and a Fortune 500 company isn’t the size--it’s the “governance.”  Larger companies often have a Board of Directors to provide oversight, guidance and direction.

The good news is that entrepreneurs, CEO’s and owners of small businesses can close the “governance gap” through an innovative initiative created especially for them--it’s called VirtualBoard, and it is powered by The Angel Advisors.

Why You Should Consider VirtualBoard

Simply stated, a VirtualBoard helps members become more effective at operating their businesses--something any entrepreneur will appreciate.  What is especially intriguing about the VirtualBoard approach is that it involves adopting the perspective of preparing one’s company as though it will eventually be sold.

That’s a sound, smart concept because it leads to maximizing the value of the business, whether it is sold or not.  Also, it achieves results by focusing on the ownership aspects of the entrepreneur’s role as well as the managerial and leadership elements.  VirtualBoard has proven itself to be especially helpful for business owners who are considering the next steps in the growth and development of their companies.

VirtualBoard consists of:

  • Peer-based “board of directors” model
  • Sponsor-advisor supported membership
  • Professional sponsor-advisors and mentors
  • 12-14 members
  • Bi-monthly VirtualBoard meetings
  • Bi-monthly one-on-one professional CEO coaching
  • Accountability and confidentiality
  • Dynamic and synergistic
  • 2-day annual retreat
  • Exclusive web-based issue forums

How could participation in VirtualBoard help you and your business?  Please let me know if I can help.